Green amd teal gradient thumbnail template download

Green amd teal gradient thumbnail template download
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Resolution : - 1280 X 720 Pixels
File Size :- 0.04 MB
Aspect Ratio :- 16:9
File Formate :- image/jpeg
LICENSE TYPE :- FREE TO USE, No attributions required.
Designed by veeForu.

YouTube thumbnails are the image format where you can tell your views about your video's information like title and description.

Thumbnail are the first thing you see after opening YouTube. All the people must have made a video on the same topic as you have made. That's why viewers will click on your video as your youtube thumbnail is attractive. by using this fantastic yt thumbnail you can influence your viewers and take them to your videos.

Download this awesome customized, ready-to-use

Green amd teal gradient thumbnail template download

for free. this yt thumbnail is completely free, no attribution is required for these thumbnail images. you can use these copyright-free thumbnails anywhere for your commercial use.

This thamble is made in high resolution, 4k, 3840 * 2160, and aspect ratio 16:9 so that you can use it in any of your 4k, HD, Full HD, and 1080p and High-Quality content.

However, the resolution for YouTube thumbnails is 1280*720 pixels you can use it without any graphical quality loss.

These are ready-to-use template images so you do not require any designing skill or any laptop software like photoshop, coral draw, infinity, etc. simply add text to the image and Your thumbnail is ready.

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